Plastic Surgeon Dr. Doug Mest: On Charlie Sheen’s Recent Appearance

After Charlie Sheen’s latest television interviews, some in the public might wonder if the Two and a Half Men star is physically deteriorating. Dr. Doug Mest, is a plastic surgeon who works with the Blue Aesthetic Medical Group located in Hermosa, Beach, California. One of Dr. Mest’s areas of focus is facial wasting. The doctor gives CYInterview his opinion on whether Mr. Sheen is suffering from facial wasting.

Listen to the Dr. Doug Mest CYInterview:

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“He definitely looks like he has some thinning of his face, which is consistent with facial fat loss for sure… In his appearances he looks more gaunt and drawn and a bit more hyperactive. “

Dr. Mest follows up by telling us about facial wasting, as well as commenting on the missing teeth some media reports about Sheen have claimed.

“Facial wasting can be due to just normal aging, the fat loss that occurs as we age, it can also be accelerated by certain disease processes such as cancer or it can be related to medication use such as an HIV lipoatrophy and then it can be related to substance, stimulant type of drug use methamphetamine, cocaine…Missing teeth has been associated with methamphetamine use, the stimulant effect and the grinding of the teeth has been clearly associated with methamphetamine, so called meth mouth.”

Dr. Mest says the biggest advances in the plastic surgery field are the non-surgical procedures things like Botox and in the case of facial volume loss, Sculptra Aesthetic.

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