Piff the Magic Dragon Continuing at Flamingo Las Vegas

This week, it was announced that Las Vegas headliner, magician, comedian and past CYInterview guest Piff the Magic Dragon [see here], is continuing his show at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino until 2024.

Speaking about continuing performing in Las Vegas, the dragon man said this:

“I now hold the record for longest run of any magic-performing dragon with a magic Chihuahua and am so proud. Thank you, Caesars Entertainment.”

Congratulations to Piff and his show co-stars Jade Simone and the magic dog Mr. Piffles.

You can revisit our CYInterview with Piff Dragon by clicking here.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Piff the Magic Dragon

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With Jade Simone, Mr. Piffles and Piff Dragon in 2018