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Patrick Wilson: On Hollywood’s New “A” Team

In the last few years, actor Patrick Wilson has appeared in many big films including Lakeview Terrace and The A-Team. He describes his move into leading man status as a slow progression but something he feels very fortunate to have.

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Wilson’s leading man status is reinforced in the odd comedy Barry Munday, out in theaters Friday. Wilson plays a 30 something insurance man who loses his testicles in a freak accident. Testicles aside, Patrick believes many can relate to the character of Barry because he represents a man with few friends, no real passion but is still trying to find meaning in life.

“I think that’s what makes him [Barry] so approachable, you know. I mean, you know, I sort of loosely based him on a couple of guys that I knew as far as walking and talking and you know those people that even the look of them, we sort of wanted to capture when he felt like he was coolest, which is sort of early to mid 90s and that’s something that I think you know we all can sort of relate to. Usually people sort of find their style and stick to it you know and very minimally throughout the years that’s something that people can relate to.”

Patrick Wilson in Barry Munday-CYInterview
Patrick Wilson in Barry Munday

His character, Barry, also knocks up a woman he had a one night fling with, before losing the family jewels. It’s the seminal (pardon the pun) event where Barry starts to find some meaning and identity in life.

“I think Barry just doesn’t really have any sort of identity, you know. That’s – I latch on to those characters pretty quickly whether it’s Watchmen or Little Children whatever it’s been I’ve always looked for roles where the person wants something and usually when you’re talking about a man, you’re talking about what it’s like to be a man, what it’s like to be a father a husband. So that’s – Barry is yet another one of those types of roles, but certainly I’ve never done it in this method, but I think he’s very approachable.”

As his acting resume continues to expand into many diverse roles, Wilson says people still haven’t fully placed his name with his face. They can, however, identify him with a certain project.

“I get a lot of the ‘You’re an actor right?’ I get that. I don’t usually get the ‘Mr. Wilson, Mr. Wilson.’ I usually get the ‘Wait, you were in, yeah, yeah…’ ‘You’re in Little Children right?’ Or Angels in America or whatever it is. So that’s also the blessing of living in New York is you sort of, nobody really cares. I usually just get people just sort of stare at me for a few minutes and then they go, ‘Hey! Love your work. Thanks man.’ So it’s the good kind of publicity that you like.”

Wilson describes the experience on the summer, action movie – based on the 1980s television show – The A-Team as an example of many actors working together to achieve a common goal. It was something he truly enjoyed.

“That movie was incredibility collaborative. We created my role out of virtually nothing. It was sort of just a bad guy on the page and sort of a snippy uptight FBI guy and so or CIA rather…. It was a great time. I mean I really, really enjoyed the movie, making it and watching it too. I thought it was a blast.”

In 2008, Wilson played the husband of a black woman played by Kerry Washington in Lakeview Terrace. Wilson’s character has conflicts and confrontations with their African-American, male neighbor played by Samuel L. Jackson. The movie addresses issues of how certain people continue to frown upon interracial relationships. He says the movie didn’t change his perspective on anything. He says he was already awake, open and accepting of marriages between two people of different racial backgrounds.

“I don’t think it really changed. I’m a pretty open person. I was before then and I certainly was after that. The interracial marriage thing to me, it was not an issue. I don’t feel like the movie awakened something. I was already awake.”

As far as where Patrick will be in a few years, he seems to be motivated to work with Hollywood’s best. He also wants to spend time with his wife and children. Many would say it’s only up from here for him. Perhaps, we will see Wilson as the lead in an Oscar nominated movie in the coming years.

“I don’t know what. I keep getting offers. I keep auditioning for movies and working my way up and around and it’s a long road. I’m 37. I’ve been doing it for a while. My goal right now is to do the most, the best movies, work with the best directors I can and truthfully, when I’m not doing that and the overall goal is to be with my family. When I think of what’s down the line in a few years, all I can think of is where my kids will be in school.”

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