Park MGM Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip Open and Smoke Free; Plus Throwing it Back to When We Met Superstar Ricky Martin at the Park MGM

Above is a photo of the sign for the Park MGM Las Vegas when it was closed owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic continues, however, recently the hotel and casino re-opened. It is located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Things continue to evolve in the Entertainment Capital of the World, particularly in the face of Covid-19. For example, Park MGM Las Vegas, is now the first smoke-free resort in town. No smoking is allowed there. It will be interesting to see how this move will impact business at the resort. Hopefully, it will attract more customers than ever.

Also, will more resorts in Las Vegas follow Park MGM Las Vegas’s choice to have a smoke free environment? Will business improve because people are seeking healthier and safer environments? Only time will tell.

You may recall that in 2018 we spent time with international music superstar Ricky Martin, before one of his concerts at Park MGM. You can read the report of that evening’s events by clicking here. You can see our photo with Ricky, from that evening, below. Perhaps you should start your weekend by listening to Mr. Martin’s hit The Cup of Life to get yourself pumped up. Do you really want it?

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With Ricky Martin at the Park Theater back in 2018

Photo credit for Park MGM Photo: Oscar Lappalainen. Check out his YouTube page by clicking here.