Pamela Anderson Documentary, Tomorrow, Netflix

Tomorrow, Netflix will release a documentary on the life of Pamela Anderson. Pamela, a love story will focus on the career of the actress, animal rights activist and Playboy centerfold.

In Las Vegas, Pamela Anderson performed in a show with magician, illusionist and past CYInterview guest Hans Klok [see here] in 2007 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Hans shared his memories of working with the Baywatch star in 2019 on CYInterview saying:

“She’s a very intelligent lady. Of course, you have to be if you work with me I think because you have to be very fast and you should almost read my mind so we are able to do these Illusions. Not that she did that many, but the ones she did were not that easy. And she’s very faithful and somebody you could trust. And she always showed up because I was afraid, ok, you do like six shows a week, then after three shows we’ll get the call, oh today she’s not coming because she has a headache or something. But that never happened. She was always there, very faithful, very dedicated to it.”

Pamela, a love story airs tomorrow on Netflix.

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With Hans Klok at his Las Vegas show at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino