Pam Anderson’s Memoir, Love, Pamela, Heartfelt

This week, actress and Playboy model Pamela Anderson’s memoir was released. For fans of the Baywatch star, her book, Love, Pamela, covers a variety of events in her life.

Ms. Anderson describes a challenging childhood, writing that she was “sexualized” at an early age by a babysitter. For those who believe celebrities have no issues and live nothing but charmed lives, Ms. Anderson is candid about the challenges of the life she lived prior to appearing in Playboy, as well as afterwards. She covers being on the popular television shows Baywatch and Home Improvement. We learn that Baywatch has been seen in over 100 countries.

Focusing on her love life, Pamela recalls how she got married to Mötley Crüe musician Tommy Lee in Cancun, Mexico less than a week after meeting him.

Ms. Anderson does write about her time in Las Vegas in 2007, performing with past CYInterview guest, magician and illusionist Hans Klok [see here] at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. She said this about her Las Vegas experience:

“I loved being able to perform in front of a live audience. One heartbeat—the crowd was just as much a part of the experience as the performers. I realized how comfortable I was onstage, maybe even more than anywhere else.”

The Playboy centerfold mentioned that during her run in the Entertainment Capital of the World famed drag queen Elaine Lancaster, a past CYInterview guest, [see here] was one of the people who came to her show, giving her support.

Between the release of her memoir Love, Pamela and her Netflix documentary, Pamela, a Love Story, it feels like this was Pamela Anderson week. For more than 30 years, she has captured the public’s attention. To this day, she is a household name.

You can find more information about Pamela Anderson’s memoir Love, Pamela by clicking here.