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Over a Decade Later, After Two CYInterviews, I Catch Up with Chuck Liddell in Person at the UFC Hall of Fame Induction Event

Over a decade ago, I had the opportunity to interview the now former UFC Light heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell, on two different occasions. Mr. Liddell along with Randy Couture – who I also interviewed around the same time – were two figures who I believe helped propel the mixed martial arts promotion forward, helping it gain greater attention among members of the general public. Liddell and Couture faced off three times, with Chuck garnering two wins to Randy’s one.

A week and a half ago, I was at the UFC’s Hall of Fame induction for its creator and co-founder Art Davie [see here] who has been with us for various conversations, here on CYInterview. While there, I ran into Chuck Liddell [see photo of us together above.] This year marks the 25th anniversary of the UFC and it was a pleasure to meet Chuck at this landmark event.

Mr. Liddell, who is 48 years old, has come out of retirement and is slated to fight Tito Ortiz, who he fought and beat two times in the UFC, years ago. The two are reported to have signed to fight under the Bellator MMA promotion. Mr. Liddell has not fought since 2010.