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Out from My Hole; a Poem

In a hole, where I’m kept, out just now from which I’ve crept. Consumed by gloom and cloaked in apathy, will you now take a nap with me?

My world is not black, it’s gray. Black is too definite and it gives night to day. Instead, I’m in limbo, in which I float. And to myself, my own feelings are remote. Who am I? What is this — this thing called life? A daily battle in the face of strife! From it, at times, my bones tire from the inside out. I’m left with too little energy, to even shout.

What would I shout, you say? Oh mighty universe, give me another day! You see, the issue is rarely knowing what to do. Rather, it is having the focus, persistence and effort to see things through. And that takes energy, power and might, to push forward towards our goals and not lose sight.

Life is an awesome taskmaster, indeed. It adheres to only one sacred creed. Time passes and it passes and it passes some more. You cannot stop it. You cannot slow it. None is hidden behind some secret door.

Yes, that’s right, life passes for us all. From the strong to the frail, it sweeps us all up in its squall. Time is the equalizer you see. It passes for you and it passes for me. And if you are 22, and reading this, you might laugh. You might think you have forever, but that would be your gaffe.

So do, while you can, and climb out from your hole. I am doing that now as I write this, remembering I’m whole. What makes me whole? It is the redemption of remembering that my time is limited and that I don’t have time to shuffle around in the gray. Because one of these days, this will be my last day!!!

What would I say then if I don’t get things right at that ultimate moment when time is out of sight? “Oh, if only!!!” No! No! No again thrice! Better I open my mind now and cast out those negative mice. Running through my mind and shouting “You can’t!” I’ll offer them some cheese, if they promise to recant. And as they scurry off to the place that negative mice go, I’ll keep climbing out of my hole and get on with the show.

For today is the gift that the universe has conceived and with that upon me, I have no reason to be bereaved. Because even though my time is limited, there is much more to be done – so I better do it now and get on with the fun!

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