Our Mind, Our Matter, a Poem

Out there in the cosmos we think the answer lies. But the answer is inside of us, while we look onward to the sky. Self-examination is tough; it calls for a resilient soul. To strip away the myth of self and boldly catalog our show. No easy task that. It is gut wrenching work, from which we would prefer to shirk. Yet, it is the only way for us to grow.

Traveling within the recesses of mind. The ins and outs, the twists and turns can leave us lost. Lost within ourselves as we dwell and delve into the abyss of our own foibles. The mind as haunted house. The mind as mystery. The mind as ultimate frontier.

We need be astronauts of the cosmic terrain of our brains. We must sort and separate, organize and assess. And, we must do this at our own behest. Growth is rough stuff. Yet the task is easier when we have a passion to do better. To go through thick and foul weather. To discover our own goodness, the goodness we possess within.

After traveling through our own psyches we can look proudly to the sky. But rather than shake our fist and ask why, we can offer words of thanks. We can smile and realize we are perfect in our own imperfect way, as long we are willing to do the work.

The universe offers all matter of mystery. And the mind is no different. The mind is the universe and the universe is the mind. Meditate on that for a bit, allow it to unwind. Accept that we will not know all, nor do we have to. What is asked is that we travel through ourselves, to come to the point we would like to.

What is that point we ask? To do the best we can. To help lift up this thing called existence for the benefit of every child, woman and man. We can do this if we self-assess, if we are bold and to ourselves true. And then will come a better day for us, that is me and you.

*Authors note: You might see this column pop up online in a newspaper, under the name Both Sides. I am publishing this column here first at CYInterview.com. For a bunch of years, I have been writing newspaper columns. Since my columns have received a good response on CYInterview, I thought I would share it with you. Hope you enjoy.

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