Orianne Collins, Jewelry Designer and Philanthropist Showcases OC Wonders Collection Here in Las Vegas

Last week, jewelry designer and philanthropist Orianne Collins came to Las Vegas. Appearing at Berger & Son Fine Jewelers at the Fashion Show Las Vegas mall, the entrepreneur showcased her OC Wonders Collection, now on display there.

We first spoke with Orianne Collins in 2015, at the gala for the Little Dreams Foundation in Miami Beach [see here]. Ms. Collins is part of that charitable organization with her ex-husband, international music superstar Phil Collins. In 2020 Orianne married Thomas Bates at the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

On what it meant to bring her jewelry collection to the Entertainment Capital of the World, Ms. Collins shares this:

“We wanted to do it before the pandemic, but the pandemic arrived. So we had to cancel it. But last night, it was a super nice event. There was a lot of people and people enjoyed the jewelry. So, I was very happy. … I think it’s great. I’m trying to expand a little bit everywhere.”

In the Miami Design District, which is known as a fashionable shopping destination in South Florida, Orianne Collins has a jewelry store and spa boutique called OC Spa. The designer would like to bring that concept to Las Vegas:

“I always wanted to see if there was a little boutique available, so I can make the boutique and the spa. But I was looking, you know, on the Strip and it was not something available. So, I’m still looking because that’s one of my projects to be here, you know, in my own boutique. So, I’m looking for the best place to be there, you know.”

The OC Wonders Jewelry Collection now on display at Berger & Son Fine Jewelers at the Fashion Show Las Vegas

During her previous trip to Las Vegas, Orianne had the opportunity to take in one of Shania Twain’s concerts at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino:

“I went to see Shania Twain. She’s my friend. So, it was very nice to go and see her in a different environment.”

A mother of three boys, Ms. Collins is proud of her sons and enjoys helping them achieve their dreams:

“I’m very proud of them. They’re very good boys. You know, they’re gentleman and very down to earth and polite. And that, when someone tells me that my kids are very polite, very nice, you know, like, it’s the most important. Obviously, they are very good kids and you know, I’m pushing them because they want to realize their dreams and they’re getting there, you know. And I think it’s very important, is to always, you know, encourage your children to do whatever they want, you know, and to give them the opportunity, you know, the possibility to do it.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview to speak with Orianne Collins about what inspires her jewelry designs. She also gives us an update on the Little Dreams Foundation.

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