One of the Basics: Smiling

People always seem to be looking for secrets to success. There are countless books on how to succeed. Somehow, we human beings are drawn to ways of accomplishing things that are purported as new or secret. How about some ways of succeeding that are not new and are not secret?

Over the course of our lives, we tend to learn so many things that the basic information we absorbed as children is often forgotten. This information is not secret. It is simply buried in our memories. And it makes sense, from time to time, to dig that fundamental information out of our brains and put it to use.

Here is a piece of information we probably all possess yet often forget. People like people who like them. Think about it. If a person seems to dislike you, will you be drawn to them? Probably not. Consider what happens when you go into a store. Do you react better to the person who smiles and greets you warmly or to the person who looks at you in a surly way, displaying an attitude that says they do not want to be there or to deal with you?

Do you react better to the happy smiling waiter or the grumpy waiter who views you as an inconvenience? Do you like being around happy, smiling people in general or would you rather sit around with people who seem perpetually angry or sad. Do you like to interact with people who like you? I suspect the answer is yes.

One of the easiest ways to raise our own spirits and the spirits of those around us is by smiling. This often increases our likeability. I have to admit, I often forget to smile. However, when I make a concerted effort to smile, good things start happening.

Smiling, in the right context, says you are friendly and accessible. More people will want to interact with you. It will likely improve the quality of your life in general. Get into the smiling habit and I think you will be pleased.

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