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One of a Kind: Singer Roslyn Kind is Back! Talks about Performing on the Daytime Emmys, Her Sister, Barbra Streisand, Her Song Save the Country, More

When we had singer and actress Roslyn Kind on CYInterview recently [see here], it made for great listening. Roslyn is one of a kind. A pun yes, but her perspective on life is moving and certainly worth hearing.

Since our first CYInterview with her [see here], Ms. Kind appeared on the Daytime Emmys and sang during the in memoriam segment, paying tribute to all those great performers and industry people who had died over the last year.

In our latest CYInterview, with featured columnist Jay Bildstein, Roslyn gets into some details about her life growing up in Brooklyn, with her mother and sister Barbra Streisand. She talks about her song, Save the Country, some viewpoints on where society is today and what it was like to go on tour with her sister Barbra, a few years ago, among other things.

With her music and performing, Roslyn is hoping to unite the country, telling us:

“We have the same light within our hearts that’s from the universe and we have to learn to love each other because of the similarities and in spite of the differences. Learn to grow through those differences, learn something new, expand, you know, accept it with love and a desire to learn and to get along with each other and love each other and be compatible and just come from your heart instead of all this conspiracy and fear.

I mean, I would, I love to bring this world, I would love to bring it together to make a heaven here on earth and we could if everybody went within and looked inside their hearts and realized that nobody wants anything more than the next person wants. We all want to have a good life, a comfortable life, be happy, not be afraid, to have peace and harmony, greet your neighbor with a big smile, help each other. You know, it’s, I want everybody to have a fair chance, fair opportunity; it’s just what’s right.”

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Roslyn Kind CYInterview:

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You can learn more about Roslyn Kind and her new song Save The Country at her official website clicking here.

You can purchase Save The Country on CD Baby clicking here.