Of Personal Deliverance, a Poem

Sometime before the dawn of infinity
In the Soul’s birthplace vicinity
While searching for those with whom I shared an affinity
I wondered

It all took place in my mind’s eye
I had not yet returned to the sky
Or the beyond, great or not
This was but a fleeting view of the “What?”

Tribulation of the mind/spirit connection
Craving an emotionally nourishing confection
Confronting the howling winds of the unknown
My personal answers mostly self-grown

A harvest for the weak and weary
An introspective, unheard query
A shout out to myself
Was I here? Could I hear? Would anyone help?

Conjuring a recipe to escape my mind
Wondering what I would leave behind
Probably self-imposed limits
And a perpetual grimace

Freedom to not just think, but to do
Freedom to see things through
Freedom to be to myself true
Freedom for me, freedom for you

In a constellation at an unknown destination
Strengthened by vision and thought
Relieved from being overwrought
I arrived at a most desirable haunt

The moment is the home to eternal life
It is this, not the next that brings delight
Too much thought is inaction
Too little is blight

We deliver ourselves through our actions
We cultivate joy through what we create
We help to guide our own destiny
It is not simply a matter of fate

Image courtesy of [Photokanok] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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