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2019 was the first full year for various states outside of Nevada allowing sports betting. In the city of Las Vegas, where placing a bet on a sporting event has been around for decades, the ongoing discussion here often revolves around how much this will impact our city, particularly over the long haul.

Daily fantasy sports company DraftKings is one of the gaming companies that has ventured into legal sports betting. The head of their sportsbook operation is CYInterview regular John Avello. The oddsmaker is a veteran of the Las Vegas sports gambling industry and is the former head of the Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook. Besides Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and a few other states that now have access to legal sports betting, John says there could be as many as 15 more states that would start allowing access to sports wagering in 2020.

On how this will impact Las Vegas long term, as more states continue to legalize sports betting, John Avello told us this:

“It’s affected it a little bit, but Las Vegas and the State of Nevada are doing pretty well. It’s a different destination. It’s, when people are looking to travel whether they’re in the U.S. or abroad, Las Vegas is one of those destinations that they checked off to see. So, with that being said, it’s, Las Vegas is a tremendous city with many amenities even besides the gambling part of it, you know, great restaurants, shows and other things to offer.

So, I don’t think Las Vegas has lost anything up to this point. I would say that sports betting around the country’s made a little bit of a dent in them and as more places open up they’ll make a bigger dent. But Las Vegas is always gonna be a, you know, a vibrant city to certainly, you know, go to and enjoy all those amenities.”

John Avello also talk about the growing sports betting media industry, with numerous shows focused on that subject, the progress that Draftkings made in 2019 in sports betting and much more.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire John Avello CYInterview:

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