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Odds Honcho John Avello, of the Wonderful Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbook: Talks Mayweather Fight, NFL, Wynn Sports Betting App (Nevada Only) and Potential Presidential Betting?

1. This weekend could very well be Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s last fight. He will enter the squared circle against Andre Berto.

2. The NFL has its first full slate of regular season football games this Sunday.

3. It was announced this week that Wynn Las Vegas will host the first Democratic debate on October 13th.

Who better to speak with about these things than Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager and CYInterview regular John Avello.

During our conversation, Mr. Avello revealed to us that in a few months, residents and tourists of the state of Nevada will be able to bet sports on their smart phones, with the Wynn’s own sportsbook betting app. We also discussed whether a person might be able to make a wager, in the future, on who the next President of the United States will be. The head oddsmaker was as interesting as always when covering these topics.

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As for the fight this Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena between undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Berto, unsurprisingly, Floyd is a heavy favorite. You would have to wager $30 to win $1. On the other side, for every $1 you wagered, you would win $16 on Berto if he won the fight. Mr. Avello says there have already been six and seven figure bets on the heavy favorite, Mayweather, to win:

“You have to put up $30 [on Mayweather] to win $1, which is a pretty good piece, but if it’s a sure thing, you know, why not? And, but we all know that nothing is for sure. Anything can happen. Mayweather says it’s his last fight, I’m not a believer of that. I think he’ll be back to fight another fight whether he wins or loses this fight. When that will be, I don’t know. But I just think it be very hard for him to walk away from the game when he’s actually at the top of his game.

On the other side, if you want to take Berto and take a 16 to 1, put up $1 to $16, you’re welcome to do that side also. So if you feel the underdog has a real shot, we’re offering the value on it. … I think the price might be a little too high [on Mayweather] even for the guys that think he’s gonna win. Put up $30 to win $1 is probably not a wise bet.”

This weekend provides us with the first full slate of NFL regular season games. John told us the first week of the NFL always brings a big crowd. When it comes to bets on who will win the Super Bowl this year, he says there has been a lot of action on a variety of teams. He breaks down where the money has been wagered going into the season:

“There’s been quite a bit of action, even on some of the shorter price teams. Seattle was once 5 to 1, they’re now 4 [to 1]. Green Bay was once 10 [to 1]. They’re now 6 [to 1]. The [Indianapolis] Colts were once 14 [to 1], they’re now 6 [to 1]. So there’s been even some money on the shorter price teams. On the longer price teams, Dallas, 18 [to 1], now down to 14 [to 1]. The [Philadelphia] Eagles, 22 [to 1], now down to 12 [to 1]. The [Miami] Dolphins are getting some play. They were 50 [to 1] at one time. Now they’re down to 25 [to 1].”

It was announced this week that Wynn Las Vegas would host the first Democratic debate on October 13th. The Wynn Las Vegas veteran tells us his thoughts on his resort getting this notable event:

“I think it’s great. It’s sure gonna bring a lot of exposure to the property. I also think it’s just a great thing for the town and they can’t hold it at a better spot here than Wynn. So I’m excited about it.”

It is not currently possible to place a bet, in any Las Vegas sportsbook, on who will be the next President of the United States. Mr. Avello says he would love to see the rule changed, so the Wynn could offer wagers on political propositions. He says there may be another opportunity in the future for a rule change so people could then place a wager on their favorite politician to win the White House:

“I think so. We were close a few years ago. We were trying. It is in our regulations that we don’t do it and we can’t do it. But there was a time a couple years ago where we were trying to have that changed and I think we may take another shot at that maybe in the future to get it changed again. I think it would be great betting. You can just put it up and book it for two years and the way, we all know how presidential elections, you know, favorites and underdogs radically change through the course of time. So it would just be a great betting proposition I believe for the town.”

Finally, John tells us about the Wynn’s upcoming cell phone sports betting app and what else is going on at the Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook:

“Just that the books are thriving, doing well. A lot more sports players now probably than ever before. We’re opening up a mobile app here at Wynn soon within the next couple of months so people will be able to wager on their mobile apps anywhere within the boundaries of Nevada. So the business is doing well and glad to be a part of it.”

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