Not This Time

Not this time. I was going to write a regular column today. I had chosen the topic. I was going to focus on how you can improve your personal economic circumstances even if the economy in general is not doing well. Like I said, not this time.

Something occurred to me as I was getting ready to write that column. How many of us know we should do certain things yet do not do them? I suspect, to a greater or lesser extent, this includes most of us. That being the case, does it make sense to put out more and more information unless we attempt to focus on using that information to improve our lives?

If, many times, we know what we should be doing but do not do it, perhaps the way to improve our lives is not necessarily cramming ourselves with more and more information, but, instead, attempting to utilize the good information we do have and focusing on putting it into practice.

Success in life, be it personal success, workplace achievement or the accomplishment of academic excellence does not take place because of what we know. It takes place because of our ability and willingness to apply what we know.

Please do not get me wrong. Absorbing new information is important. However, if we do not put good information to use, we are short changing ourselves.

Let’s try something today. I ask all of you – and myself – to focus on one simple thing that you have been putting off, that you know you should do. It could be going to the doctor and having a checkup. It might be organizing your desk and workspace at your place of business. It might be getting to work on a term paper that has been assigned at school rather than leaving it for the last minute.

Today, find something simple in your personal, business or academic life that you know you should do and have been putting off and do it. Change takes place from doing, not just knowing.
Next week, we will get back to some good information. But for today, let’s take action. Good luck!

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