NFL QB, Philanthropist Brett Hundley on Smith Rock Slap

Though actor Will Smith apologized for slapping Chris Rock at the Academy Awards Sunday evening, the entertainment world and social media channels are still talking about the unfortunate event.

In our CYInterview Monday, with NFL quarterback Brett Hundley, the athlete/philanthropist related that the kind of behavior that took place at the Oscars would not be tolerated on the football field:

“If you go and slap a quarterback in the face, that is, one, it’s probably going to be a big fight. Two, you know, you’re ejected right away. The team’s probably gonna kick you off the team at that point. You don’t do that. And that’s what’s crazy, it was like in the middle of everybody.”

Focusing on something positive, Mr. Hundley and others will walk to raise awareness for epilepsy on Sunday in Las Vegas. His foundation, the Lace ‘Em Up for Epilepsy Walk, will have their event here in Las Vegas, on April 3rd at 10:00 AM at Sunset Park.

You can find more information about the upcoming walk by clicking here.

Listen to the entire Brett Hundley CYInterview:

Listen to the entire Brett Hundley CYInterview on YouTube:

You can find out more information about Brett Hundley’s foundation by clicking here.