Wiseguys Comedy Las Vegas, Whoopi Goldberg Painting Las Vegas, Whoopi Goldberg Mural Las Vegas

Newcomer Wiseguys Comedy a Welcome Addition to Downtown Las Vegas

There is a new comedy club in Downtown Las Vegas. Located on Main Street, where Antique Alley is, Wiseguys Comedy is ramping up the laughs.

Outside of their building is a mural of past CYInterview guest, actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg. You can find our CYInterview with Whoopi here. You can see the photograph of the mural above.

The addition of Wiseguys Comedy to Downtown Las Vegas brings a new form of live entertainment to the area. Prior to their arrival, there was no comedy club in this part of town, at least not in recent memory. The venue is located at 1511 South Main Street. You can find their upcoming events on their website by clicking here.