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New Year’s Resolution Running Start

Some of us like to make New Year’s resolutions. Of those of us who do, plenty of us break our resolutions in short order. Change is tough, I get it. It’s so tough that many of us would rather tell other people what and how to change instead of focusing on mending our own ways. Change is challenging.

If we are interested in changing, instead of waiting for January 1st, we can begin right now.

Suppose you’ve put on some unwelcomed weight during the year. Wouldn’t it be better to begin losing it now, rather than go through December immersing yourself in yet more overeating and under-exercising? No doubt, many of us believe dieting during this most festive of months is not worth the effort. I think we’ve got it wrong.

The toughest thing in making change is starting and sticking with the process of change long enough that it becomes normal and more comfortable for us. Dieting presents easy examples when it comes to this.

The first day of a diet can be tough. The first week of dieting is certain to be challenging. Yet, stick with the diet into the second week and what happens? Mentally, things start getting easier. So I ask you, why wait until the New Year to make a resolution? Let’s make our resolutions to change and start acting on them now.

Dieting, exercising, saving money, learning a new language, giving up a bad habit, etc. all call for the intelligent exercise of the will. All of us have our own unique ways in which we work to create change in ourselves – when we choose to change that is. What we have in common, though, is that the sooner we begin the process of change we stop living in the daydreams of wishing and start making a new reality for ourselves.

Let’s make our resolutions now and get a head start on changing. Imagine how good we will feel about ourselves on January 1st, when we have a great jump start on our progress.

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