Nevada Governor Sisolak Revises Covid-19 Restrictions Regarding Live Performances: New Rules Help Las Vegas Performing Arts Community

This week, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak made a revision to current Covid-19 restrictions affecting live performances. To the liking of the Las Vegas entertainment community, audiences no longer have to be 25 feet away from a show stage. Reportedly, according to the Governor’s new rule, if all entertainers wear masks for an entire performance, they can now be six feet away from their audience. If the performers are not wearing a mask for any part of an event, the audience must be at least be 12 feet away from the stage.

This change opens the door for a variety of Las Vegas shows to return to operation. The 25-foot rule, which was put into place because of the pandemic, was one of the reasons entertainers could not work during the course of the last year in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Past CYInterview guest, the vivacious headliner/dancer/producer Jennifer Romas informed us last year [see here] that the 25-foot rule made it harder for shows to consider continuing in production. In October, she had this to say about the 25-foot rule:

“I think we kind of got kicked in the rear end with what directives, honestly, have come out. And again, I’m just talking for myself and not necessarily on behalf of any other shows and producers and things like that, but we, I believe we are all in the same boat when we are up against some major issues with this 25-foot restriction.”

We will most likely see more shows come back because producers and artists have additional seating capacity to work with. For the Las Vegas performing arts community, this week’s news was a big positive.