Neurobiologist Dr. Kristen Willeumier, Our Favorite Scientist, is Back: We Discuss Outgrowing Our Biology; Death, Computers and Neurobiology and Ariana Grande Releasing Her Brain Scans Showing PTSD; This is a Do Not Miss CYInterview

In our latest CYInterview with neuroscientist and CYInterview regular Dr. Kristen Willeumier, we discuss two topics that will be discussed more and more in the not too distant future. The first is whether or not we are outgrowing our biology. The second relates to death, computers and neurobiology.

In this segment with our favorite scientist, we also had the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Willeumier her take on Ariana Grande’s brave move of releasing her brain scans and talking about suffering from PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder.

The first two topics are discussed in-depth, between Dr. Willeumier and featured columnist Jay Bildstein who joins us for this compelling discussion.

On the topic of Ariana Grande, the singer made national news for releasing scans of her brain reportedly showing challenges with post traumatic stress disorder. After viewing the scans that were posted online, Dr. Willeuimer told us this about them:

“She actually has what we see a classic pattern of post traumatic stress disorder in the brain and there’s a very specific neuro signature that we tend to see in people who have experienced stress. … Her brain scan essentially was showing that she is trying to manage the emotions around the trauma and what it really speaks to is the importance of getting the kind of therapy that helps us to relieve these traumas from our body.”

To hear this almost 50 minute CYInterview with Dr. Willeumier you can listen to it in its entirety below:

Listen to the entire Kristen Willeumier CYInterview:

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Dr. Willeumier’s official website is here.

You can find her on Twitter clicking here.