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Native Nevadan Dawn Wells 82, Best Known as Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, Dead of Covid; We Revisit Our CYInterview with Her; Actress was a Sweetheart; RIP

This week show business legend Dawn Wells died. Her death was reportedly due to Covid-19. She was 82. The actress was known to millions around the world as Mary Ann, from the iconic television show Gilligan’s Island. Born in Reno, Nevada, Ms. Wells was Miss Nevada in 1959 and went on to compete in Miss America in 1960.

In 2019, Dawn shared her memories of being on Gilligan’s Island. She told us that no matter where she went in the world, the character of Mary Ann followed her:

“I can’t go anywhere in the world and what’s so interesting about the series, it’s not dated. There’s no cars driving around in 1960 or 1958 or anything. You know, there’s a canoe and a couple of huts. So, it could be happening at any time. And because of that I think the reason it’s in 30 languages, a new crop of kids, they’re a new crop of teenagers finding it. So, it’s a different experience and that’s kind of a good thing really. I wish we were still getting the big bucks for it, but we’re not. But I can’t go anywhere in the world that people don’t go, ‘Mary Ann, Mary Ann’ even though I’m 110 years old.”

Dawn also told us that she did beat out actress Raquel Welch for the role of Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island:

“Yeah. That is true, but she would have been a better Ginger. I mean, I don’t know why she tested for that.”

Dawn Wells’ Facebook page has over 500,000 followers. The abundant adulation, from around the world, can be seen there. On what she wanted her fans to know, she told us this back in 2019:

“Just thank them for being on my side for so long. That makes me feel very good that I do have a following.”

Below you will find our entire CYInterview with Dawn Wells, which you can listen to in its entirety.

CYInterview extends its condolences to Ms. Wells family, friends and fans. We know she will never be forgotten.

Listen to the entire Dawn Wells CYInterview:

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