Nancy Grace: Legal Eagle or Pot Stirrer?

I don’t watch Nancy Grace much anymore. In fact, most of my viewing of Ms. Grace took place back around the time of the Natalie Holloway case. When I first saw her, she seemed angry. I’ll adjust that. She seemed very angry. And each time I have seen her that anger seemed evident to me.

I know Ms. Grace is a former prosecutor. Currently, she is a television personality with a show on HLN. I think the first time I heard her speak out on a case was on Larry King. It was a while ago, so I am not sure. As an aside, I miss Larry. I like Piers Morgan, but I feel there is room for both of them, nightly, on television.

Anyway, back to Nancy Grace. I have mixed emotions about her. I once heard that a prosecutor should pursue their cases without passion or prejudice. Their work, within the legal system, is to assign blame to individuals who have transgressed against society and see those individuals tried, convicted and punished – all of that based on the law and solid information.

At all times, a coolheaded application of reason based on facts should be the guiding light of those who work in the legal profession. Then again, human beings have a tough time simply reacting to things logically. We, all of us, are subject the pull of our emotions.

That said, there’s something about Ms. Grace’s demeanor that makes me feel her passion for victims’ rights – and that is something noble to be passionate about – might cloud her judgment when it comes to a given case or fact pattern.

If someone is simply advocating for victims then that might not be particularly important. However, if someone is looked to as a legal expert and if they have a wide audience, I wonder if they might somehow have a less than positive influence on the legal system. I am not sure.

No doubt, there are defense attorney’s who get on television speaking consistently and eloquently in the representation of their clients. They are passionate about defending their clients. Yet, their position is clear.

When someone is a television host, offering legal commentary, I wonder if a more balanced, less seemingly anger fueled approach might be more useful in helping to educate the public on the conduct of jurisprudence in the United States.

I don’t know Nancy Grace. She might, away from the cameras, be a very nice person. When I watch her on television though, which admittedly is now rare – probably because of my reaction to her demeanor – I wish she would take, at least what I consider to be, a more evenhanded approach.

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