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Mya on Target: Statement to CYInterview on Hero-dog Tragedy

R&B music sensation Mya has issued the following statement to CYInterview regarding the hero-dog, Target tragedy. Mya is a spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League, located in Port Washington, New York. It is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization.

Here is her statement:

“This story is one of very many which once again proves animals are gifts and assets to humans even to the extent of saving our lives. Though humans make mistakes every day, some are innocent, others careless, with irreversible outcome. As an animal lover and owner of six pets, I am very disturbed at the thought of euthanasia, the justification in it and the casual manner in which it’s spoken.

I strongly encourage everyone to get educated on the “causes”, reduction and prevention of euthanasia and several other issues affecting the innocent lives of animals at, North Shore Animal League America (The Largest No Kill Organization in the world).

Here’s how we can help,

We owe it to them.

“Love is the Answer””

We thank Mya for speaking out, as well as her contributions to and support of CYInterview. We look forward to speaking with her again in the future, about her new music.