Murals in Antique Alley and Arts District in Las Vegas Speak to Organic Art Scene

The area between the north end of the Las Vegas Strip and the Fremont Street Experience is known as Antique Alley and the Arts District. It includes a variety of retail establishments, restaurants, and live entertainment venues.

In this section of Las Vegas, there are numerous murals on the walls of buildings. The one pictured above is titled This is Life. It features a DJ and a bunch of people having a good time at what might be presumed to be a nightclub or a party.

The artwork above made me think of the time we were with DJ Millie at The Light nightclub at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Below, you can see our photo with the talented DJ and read our report on that evening by clicking here.

Chris Yandek, DJ Millie
With DJ Millie at The Light nightclub on the Las Vegas Strip in June of 2019

If you were ever wondering where you can see outdoor art in Las Vegas, Antique Alley, and the Arts District is one of the places to go. The different murals there add something special to the Downtown Las Vegas scene.