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Mockumentary, The Influencers, Out on Amazon Prime Video: We CYInterview Director/Writer/Producer/Star Mike Heslin about It, More

A new series debuted yesterday on Amazon Prime Video. The mockumentary series, The Influencers, focuses on social media influencers. Mike Heslin directed, produced, wrote the script and is starring in this fictional show, he believes is timely and impacts us all, whether we like social media or not.

Mr. Heslin’s hope is that social media influencers will be able to laugh at themselves after watching his offering on Amazon. On what message he hopes people take away from his series, he told us this:

“I think it’s really again about that game of comparison and also that, you know, like what you see online is not necessarily what you get in real life. You know, again, it’s really easy to compare yourself to the next guy or you know, she’s so pretty and always traveling or you know, I think people present themselves of course the way they want to be perceived, which rightfully so. But I think the message is, I hope, more so speaks to, you know, that feeling of like inadequacy or comparing yourself you know just to know like that’s not necessarily the truth. And my personal philosophy I think, you know, with all my messages is more kind of serious or heartfelt ones. I think the best way to deliver that is with a laugh. So that’s why I decided to make it into a comedy.”

Many creative professionals aspire to have their own series featured on Amazon Prime or on another streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. On what this means for Mike Heslin’s future, he told us this:

“I’m very proud of it and of course hope this leads to more stuff. We already have a season two kind of in the works. So, God willing, it’ll be the beginning of a whole Influencers franchise.”

The Influencers now on Amazon Prime Video

2020 was a particularly challenging year for the performing arts community, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Hollywood star on the rise says it has never been a more important time to support entertainment:

“We financially really need to support the arts. You know, I think obviously there’s a ton of people, businesses and groups affected by this. But that being said, I do feel like the arts can often, kind of be put on the back burner by many, you know, not seen as a necessity. So, maybe we don’t have to financially support that part of our culture, which I obviously disagree with. I think the arts is critical and essential to our lives.”

To hear more about Mike Heslin and his new Amazon series The Influencers, social media and other topics, you can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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