Mind Cramp Number Seven

I live at the bottom of a deep ravine
Out of sight
Forever Unseen

The light of day dawns for others
But in my hole, the sun only smothers
My empty soul

On a cliff, in my mind
Jumping through the hoops of time
Deep and far from the sublime

The joy of not thinking unthought of
Light of day, a flock of doves unsought
Pensive, perseverating, locked in thoughtless thought

Have a dish to nourish your spirit
I say to my stomach
As it undulates in all its fleshy bounty

Thoughts are things that don’t have wings
Unless we work them like they’re real
And then, they appear and they appeal

But I’m locked and overwrought by “ideas and thoughts”
That are neither
Just tricks played on myself

Can you help me big Universe?
Can you jump in for the win?
Can you make it all happen for me? Will you take it on the chin?

The answer, we know, is no. We need to do it, not look for a show of endless force from the source. If our ideas and actions are divorced, we get nothing. The Universe does not bail us out, though we might shriek and scream and make a scene. We need to do, to see our ideas through.

We need to do, to see our ideas through.
We need to do, to see our ideas through.
We need to do, to see our ideas through…

Image courtesy of [Chaiwat] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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