Michael Mack of Max Pawn Las Vegas Talks Recycled Luxury, More

Las Vegas is one of the great destinations in the world for luxury shopping. Aside from buying high prestige items new, you can also buy luxury items secondhand. I suspect not many people are aware of this.

Michael Mack is the owner of Max Pawn. His pawn shop in Las Vegas has a variety of luxury items for sale including handbags and jewelry.

Aside from saving money, buying secondhand is also a good way to help the environment. Call it luxury recycling. Speaking of that, Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd.

Focusing on pawn shops in Las Vegas, Michael Mack says the industry in the Entertainment Capital of the World is one of the strongest in the nation:

“Well, you know, the pawn industry in Nevada is probably, always been one of the strongest in the U.S. because, just because of the demand for quick cash. Always people assume that pawn shops and gambling go hand and hand. And there is some connection, but most of it is just people living in a 24-hour town with, you know, cash needs.”

The pawn shop owner says this about the demand for certain popular luxury brands:

“Rolex has gone bonkers. You know, Louis Vuitton and Chanel during the pandemic have had four price increases. Now, that’s not because people weren’t buying luxury goods. It’s because people were buying more than ever. The wealth in this world has gone up so high and the demand for new and now preowned products has gone crazy.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this segment. He speaks with Michael about luxury watches.

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