Merry Liddle Christmas Baby Star Bresha Webb on Las Vegas

Last night, Merry Liddle Christmas Baby debuted on Lifetime TV. This past Tuesday, we released our wide ranging CYInterview with one of the stars of the Christmas movie, actress Bresha Webb. You can find the entire CYInterview by clicking here.

During our CYInterview with Ms. Webb, she summed up what Las Vegas means to her:

“Vegas, I mean, has the best, it’s like the best slice of life. You can just, in a five-mile radius, have a little bit of everything.”

The talented actress is so right. Fine dining, live entertainment, shopping for all pocket books, gaming, spas and so much more are within a five mile radius.

Bresha Webb is among many stars from Hollywood who visit Las Vegas on an ongoing basis. When you come here, you never know who you might see.