Mauritius is Auspicious!!! CY Visits the African Island Jewel

I just returned to Las Vegas from a week-long vacation. I visited the island nation of Mauritius. The island is located in the Indian Ocean and is approximately 1500 miles east of Beira in Mozambique on the African mainland. Midway between Mauritius and Beira in Mozambique, is the much larger African island nation of Madagascar. Above is a photograph of the skyline of Mauritius’s capital city, Port Louis.

Before arriving in Mauritius, I had a layover in Dubai. Dubai is the most populated and probably the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates.

Though I did not leave the Dubai International Airport, all the luxury retail stores reminded me of the high-end shopping here in Las Vegas. Dubai does not have gambling, but the Middle Eastern country is a destination for shopping, dining, nightlife, spas and leisure, things that Las Vegas is rightly famous for.

I will write more about Mauritius in the coming days, but to begin, the trip was very enjoyable, though it took me 30 hours to get there. The main airport is the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport and was but a short drive from the resort where I was staying. The proximity of the airport to the resort reminded me of Harry Reid International Airport and its proximity to the Las Vegas strip.

There was not a moment during my five days in the East African country that I was not wowed by the lush greenery. The roads are well paved which makes traveling around this exotic island destination easy-peasy. The country is beautiful and its hospitality workers are professional, helpful and kind. The bar is set high when I assess a place’s hospitality industry. Afterall, I am a proud Las Vegan, having originally come here from Miami – which is no slouch either, when it comes to hospitality.

In short, I had a great time. More in the coming days. Meanwhile, it is good to be back in the Entertainment Capital of the World.