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Master Showman Murray the Magician Joins Us to Discuss What He is Up to, Adapting and Thriving in Tough Times, the Future of Las Vegas, More

When Las Vegas resorts began closing in March, due the coronavirus pandemic, Murray The Magician was ready. Adept at using the Internet to showcase his magic, adapting his style of entertainment to a physical distancing environment proved no obstacle for the master showman.

The Las Vegas Strip headliner, illusionist, comedian and actor started giving magic performances on the Internet. His YouTube channel has over one million subscribers. At this challenging time, Murray says everyone needs adapt in order to keep giving the consumer what they want. He shared with us this:

“I think because I had that ramp up three or four years along with my live shows, you know, and touring and everything else I did, it was just a natural lead in and as soon as we went into this social distancing thing, I said, ‘Well, you know, we’re gonna do some videos outside of my house in regards to out on the street so it has a different backdrop and it caters to that environment and everyone’s slowly adapting to it whether it was going to be two weeks, three weeks, four weeks or like you know, we’re going into two and a half months now.’

And so, you know, I’ve always learned in my life in my career is if you want to survive and you want to stay in any business, you have to learn to adapt, you know, on what people’s needs are or what they’re looking for to stay in the game. And it goes for anything. I don’t care if you’re a plumber, you’re an electrician, you’re a computer analyst, you kinda gotta, you know what, change and evolve which isn’t always easy as you get older, you know.”

During daunting times, people crave good entertainment as an escape and a form of release from the challenges they face. When things get up to speed again in Las Vegas – which they will, first slowly and then at a quicker pace – Murray The Magician’s show at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, will once again be a must see.

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview. He speaks with Murray about the future of Las Vegas, the state of magic and the performer’s training regimen among other topics.

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