Mark P. Mattson Joins Us to Discuss His Book, The Intermittent Fasting Revolution

In recent years, you may have heard about intermittent fasting. Generally speaking, intermittent fasting is when you abstain from food for a certain number of hours during the day.

Neuroscientist Mark P. Mattson, PhD has written a book on intermittent fasting, titled The Intermittent Fasting Revolution: The Science of Optimizing Health and Enhancing Performance. The book was released in February of this year.

Mark is currently Adjunct Professor of Neurosciences at Johns Hopkins University. Formerly, he served at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, as Chief of the Laboratory of Neurosciences.

Speaking about his new book, the neuroscientist said this:

“One of the main values that’s been demonstrated in human clinical trials of intermittent fasting is it helps a lot of people get their weight down. And of course, being overweight is a risk factor for most of the major causes of death and shorten lifespans because of most diseases.”

Professor Mattson says one way to be successful with time restricted eating is to do it with other people:

“Most of the things that we know that are beneficial for health, exercise, intermittent fasting, you know are essentially free. Right? Nobody needs to make money on those. Of course, with exercise, they’re fitness centers, have done a big business in that like, motivate some people. One thing that I think from a practical standpoint of how people incorporate changing to say daily time restricted eating into their lifestyle is to do it with friends or people at work.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us to discuss Mark Mattson’s book. You can listen to this 30 plus minute CYInterview below:

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