Las Vegas Raiders, Chris Yandek, Mark Davis, Chris Yandek Mark Davis, Mark Davis Las Vegas Raiders

Mark Davis, Owner of the Las Vegas Raiders Speaks with Us again About the Transition of the Raiders from Oakland, the Building of Allegiant Stadium, More

Across the United States, cities are going through many challenges owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The city of Las Vegas was planning to the have the NFL Draft here later this month and, consequently, have millions of people come to the Las Vegas Strip for the festivities. The NFL Draft is still slated for April 23 to 25th, but will no longer take place in Las Vegas. Health comes before sports and entertainment. In the scheme of things, this is a small challenge compared to what is taking place worldwide.

Las Vegas has been very hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, yet we will come back better than ever.

For the residents of Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World, the excitement of having an NFL team – the Las Vegas Raiders are slated to play here whenever the next season of professional football begins – will be one of those things to look forward to once America gets through this crisis.

Recently, we caught up, again, with Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis [see past CYInterview here], son of the late legendary Raiders team owner Al Davis, at the Power of Love Gala in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. See photo above.

Mr. Davis gave us an update on how the transition for the Raiders moving to Las Vegas from Oakland is going and how the construction of Allegiant Stadium, which is still going on during the coronavirus pandemic, is progressing. He told CYInterview this:

“The stadium’s going great. The transition’s going great, but I won’t be satisfied till we have that ribbon cutting and open the stadium.”

Last week, we shared with you our CYInterview with Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden [see here]. For the upcoming NFL Draft, Mark Davis revealed to us that even though he is the team’s owner, Coach Gruden is not letting him make any of the player selections for the NFL Draft saying:

“Jon Gruden won’t let me make any picks.”

When these uniquely challenging times are over in Las Vegas, many of its locals will certainly turn to the Las Vegas Raiders for some excitement.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with Mark Davis below:

Listen to the entire Mark Davis CYInterview:

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Las Vegas Raiders, Chris Yandek, Mark Davis, Chris Yandek Mark Davis, Mark Davis Las Vegas Raiders
With Mark Davis at the Power of Love Gala this year
Mark Davis, Chris Yandek, Raiders Owner Mark Davis, Power of Love Gala 2019, Power of Love Gala Mark Davis, Mark Davis Las Vegas 2019, Chris Yandek Mark Davis
With Mark Davis at the Power of Love Gala in 2019

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