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Marilyn Macron, Founder of, Joins Us for a Discussion about Her Site, Books and Culture

Marilyn Macron is a lifelong bibliophile. Her love affair with books began when she received books from her grandmother. Ms. Macron is an attorney, beauty pageant winner and the founder of Her website seeks to replicate the Greenwich Village coffee house scene of decades ago, a place where books, music and art can be discussed and reviewed in a collegial manner.

We had the opportunity to CYInterview Marilyn for almost 30 minutes. During our discussion, she spoke with us about her impetus for creating and what she hopes her media platform is able to achieve.

Ms. Macron also discussed how she began two micro-libraries – little free library boxes – in Rockaway, Queens in New York City, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. She got the idea to do this from the now late Todd Bol, who began the little free library movement some years back ago.

Marilyn Macron is not only the founder of In addition to her website, she is a contributor to the Los Angeles Review of Books and has a syndicated column about books in the Rockaway Times.

Listening to Marilyn’s comprehensive knowledge and passion about books and authors makes you want to read. She makes for a compelling literacy advocate and book critic. Lovers of the written word, and culture in general, will want to listen to this CYInterview.

Fittingly, featured columnist Jay Bildstein joined us for this CYInterview. Marilyn is a friend of Jay’s going back to college.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Marilyn Macron CYInterview:

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