Marianne Williamson, Candidate for Democratic Presidential Nomination, on for Feb. 6 Nevada Primary

This coming Tuesday, February 6th, is the Nevada Democratic Primary. Voters in our state will have an opportunity to vote for the Democratic presidential nominee. The two nationally known candidates on the ballot for President are the incumbent, President Joe Biden, and Marianne Williamson.

Ms. Williamson competed for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020. She is a well-known speaker and author.

Marianne Williamson joined us on CYInterview for a wide-ranging conversation on her presidential campaign. She covered the many challenges currently facing the United States of America.

On how we unite the country, presidential candidate Marianne Williamson said this:

“I see in people both on the left and the right, this kind of smug, self-righteous, I’m right, you’re wrong and you should shut up. And nothing could be more un-american. Nobody gets to have a monopoly on truth in this country, and it belongs to all of us and nobody owes it to you to agree with you.

You know, President Eisenhower said the American mind at its best is both liberal and conservative. Not everybody has to agree with you on a political issue to be a good person with whom you can, from whom you can learn first of all and we have to find that place within our own hearts where we are not lured into this meanness that now dominates so much political debate.”

On why Democratic voters should consider voting for Ms. Williamson in the Nevada Primary on February 6th, she offered this:

“My message is that we have a very economically rigged system. I mean, Nevada kind of is a perfect example. When you look at the wealth inequality in Nevada, you have terrible economic insecurity among many people in Nevada. You have terrible housing crisis even at an emergency level among people in Nevada. And at this point in policy after policy, our leaders do more to make it easier for those who already have great wealth to get more and harder for everybody else to even make it at all. That’s my message.”

Does Candidate Williamson think Joe Biden is up to the job of being President right now?

“Well, if I didn’t believe that I could do a better job I wouldn’t be running against him. The voters can see on their own merit. I think the President is showing an inadequate sense of urgency regarding the economic tension and anxiety and stress that the average person feels.”

Speaking about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, the author said this:

“Nikki Haley can make her own case on her side and I’m making mine on mine. I did meet her in New Hampshire and I told her, I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if it was you and I, two women heading the ticket.’ And she said, ‘Well, it’s about time.’ So, I think that would be very healthy for America.”

Ms. Williamson agreed that former President Obama missed the opportunity to have universal health care legislation:

“Absolutely I do and I think the same thing with the first two years of the Joe Biden administration. But President Biden has said that he would veto Medicare for All. The American people need to understand what’s going on here, this is all about the insurance companies. This is only about the corruption because of the profit making of the insurance companies.”

On whether Marianne Williamson prays for Donald Trump and his enlightenment, she said this:

“I don’t pray for his enlightenment. That sounds like a little spiritual superiority for me to say, you know, but I pray for all living beings, yes. I do.”

You can watch the entire CYInterview with Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson below:

You can find Marianne Williamson’s official campaign website by clicking here.