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Make Lists

An oft overlooked method of getting yourself on the path to success is list making. Many times, we have things floating around in our minds that we would like to accomplish. However, we do not succeed in accomplishing those things because we have no formal plan to reach those goals.

We might persistently think about getting something done, but it is as if we are simply daydreaming. A thought about accomplishing something comes into our head and then floats out of it. And even if we do think frequently about getting something done, our goal is often less than razor sharp.

Many of us are along for a ride on life’s conveyor belt. We have certain desires and vague goals but nothing is specific. We would like a good career, but we do not have a particular career in mind. We would like to build wealth, but we have no savings plan – things like that.

I do not have a set of cures for the type of inertia many of us seem to suffer. I do, however, believe I have some tips which might help us get to where we would like to go or at least help us decide where we would like to get to.

When things float around in our brain they seem to change and vary with each passing moment. One thought gives way to a second thought, then a third and so on. Yet, if we write something down, what we have set to paper or a computer screen takes a fixed form. It becomes something we can focus on, something we can meditate on.

If we develop the habit of writing down our ideas – in a diary of sorts – it would be relatively simple to organize those ideas into a list of goals. If we have our goals listed, it would be relatively simple to develop a set of steps to achieve those goals. Sure, those steps might change based on new information, but if we write things down we begin to develop a fixed methodology for achievement.

Think of making a list of goals like creating a table of contents for a cookbook. Think of making a list of the steps needed to be taken to accomplish those goals as your recipes. Now, follow your recipes. With a little luck, you will start living your dreams.


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