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Magnificent Murray the Magician Returning to The Laugh Factory on the Las Vegas Strip

As we mentioned yesterday, show business legend Rich Little will be returning to The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino [see here]. Now we hear another great headliner, Murray the Magician, will be returning to The Laugh Factory soon. If you have not seen Murray’s show, it is well worth it. He is a true talent.

Las Vegas is known for a variety of magicians/illusionists. Murray’s show is good fun for the entire family. During his performances, he also shows the audience how he does some of his tricks.

This week marks two years since the magician made the Tropicana Hotel and Casino his new home on the Las Vegas Strip.

See past CYInterviews with Murray the Magician here, here and here.

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With Rich Little and Murray the Magician in the green room at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in 2018

You can find Murray’s YouTube channel clicking here

His official website can be found clicking here.