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Look Inward, Look Upward

People have capacities and abilities that tend to far outstrip what they believe about themselves. Sure, there are times when we overestimate our abilities. Yet, most of the time, it is not overestimation of our abilities that should concern us. Rather, it is our commitment to the status quo that has become our lives.

Often, our once vibrant dreams fade away. Those dreams yield to the so called realities of life. The years roll by. What we once believed to be a life of limitless opportunities becomes for us an existence of getting by. Whether we realize it or not, we slowly but surely begin to lose faith in our ability to do new things or to exceed what we have accomplished in what have become our typical endeavors.

I do not advocate that we become arrogant and adopt some skewed view of our abilities. However, we should be confident that if we are willing to work towards new goals, we should be able to accomplish far more than we have come to believe we can.

We need to look inward to that universe comprised of our brains and bodies. Our bodies and brains possess remarkable plasticity and can change, for the better, if we put ourselves on a program which works to foster those changes.

We can change our bodies through reasonable diet and exercise. We can change our brains by study and mental challenges. We are not static organisms. We are dynamic beings. And once we embrace our ability to change ourselves, to dig into the treasure trove of abilities that are waiting to be mined and or developed, we can then change the outcomes we experience in life.

In fact, often, we do not need to undergo much change in order to accomplish whatever it is we would like to. The change needed might be as simple as a change in the way we see ourselves. We can look at the abilities we already possess and then look upward, seeking to uplift ourselves and those around us via the use of our already formidable talents.

We have more going for us than we tend to think we do. Look inward. Look upward. Focus. Make a plan. Apply consistent effort. Go for your goals. You will be glad you did.

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