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Longing for Longoria: CYInterview Revisits our Haunting Interview with Eva

To what extent does the past predict the future? That’s a question for the ages. Your guess is as good as ours.

Here are some select quotes from our interview with Eva Longoria Parker, back in 2008. With recent media reports that Eva and hubby – b-baller Tony Parker – are going to get unhitched, perhaps some of her statements from the past can give us some insight into her present and future. Then again, perhaps not.

You be the judge.

Chris Yandek: Now obviously I don’t wish this on anyone, but if you died tomorrow would you want Tony to move on after a grieving period or do you feel you would be like your character in the movie watching his every move from the other side saying how could you ever love anyone else but me?

Eva Longoria Parker: “Yeah. Tony and I both say we both haunt each other. I definitely haunt Tony (Laughs).”

CY: Being involved in such a high-profile relationship, do you feel there is a special formula to making it work because it seemed you and Tony really took your time before getting hitched because you wanted this to last?

ELP: “Yeah. We went at our own pace. We’re not really going on anyone else’s pace but our own and we’re happy, we’re both really happy being married, and that’s a big plus (Laughs).”

CY: What was the greatest part of the whole wedding weekend?

ELP “Oh, my favorite part was the kiss at the alter.”

You can read and listen to the full interview here:


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