Little is Big: Legendary Impressionist/Comedian Rich Little Kills in Return to CYInterview; Performing at The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino on Las Vegas Strip

In Las Vegas entertainment, show business legend, impressionist, actor and comedian Rich Little is one of a handful of performers with a show right now. In his own way, when it comes to shows in the Entertainment Capital of the World, he is the captain steering the ship.

The past CYInterview guest [see here and here], continues to showcase his most famous impressions including former President Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart and Johnny Carson, but is also now doing President Joe Biden. You can see them all at The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino Thursday through Sunday at 6:30 PM.

From being on the Ed Sullivan Show, to performing at the Presidential Inauguration for Ronald Reagan to the Dean Martin Roasts to acting on The Love Boat and Hawaii Five-O, Rich Little has had a storied career.

Today, he is a Las Vegas headliner and legend. Rich has been performing on the Las Vegas Boulevard since the 1960s, when he performed at the famous Copa Room at the now defunct Sands Hotel and Casino.

“It was one of the great comedy rooms of all time. Of course, that’s where The Rat Pack performed and many great performers performed at the Sands. I started at the Sands opening for Jack Jones in about 1964, 65. And that was my first performance in Vegas at the Sands. Great room, great room. Sorry to see it go.”

Rich Little tells many great stories in this almost 40 minute CYInterview. One story in particular, about actor and comedian Don Rickles, highlights a moment of importance for the impressionist:

“He was a very nice man. I loved it when he went after me. I felt now I had arrived because, you know, he use to do numbers on me. You know, we did the Dean Martin roasts. He did a lot of them and I think I did more than anybody. I did 24, but I remember Don was, oh God he was funny.”

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With Rich Little at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino at The Laugh Factory in 2018

During a challenging time in the Las Vegas entertainment community, as well as for performers around the world who are not working due to the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Little offered this:

“I think once the Covid [-19] is pretty low, over, hopefully by next year, I think things will get back to normal again. I really do. I think people will come to Vegas more than ever. They want to be entertained. You know, they’re sick of sitting home and looking out the window and wondering what happened to the world, you know. So, I think it will come back big time. Let’s hope so.”

Owing to Covid-19 audience restrictions, Rich Little is currently on stage in front of a smaller crowd than usual, at The Laugh Factory:

“It’s interesting. In the old days, when you played Vegas, if you didn’t draw a big crowd, the management was not happy. Today, if you do draw a big crowd, the management is unhappy.”

Though you should expect many impressions of notable figures from the past, you should also expect some new impressions:

“I’m always adding some new people to my act, trying to keep it a little fresh so that people don’t wander out of the showroom and saying, ‘I don’t know what he’s doing.’ You know.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview where he discusses with Rich Little how a successful impression comes to life and how he does many of his famous impressions.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

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