Legends in Concert Ending Run at Tropicana Las Vegas

The longest running show on the Las Vegas Strip, celebrating some of music’s greatest stars, will take a pause this week. On Friday, Legends in Concert will have its final show at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. The finale will be a tribute to Elvis Presley.

Reportedly, there are plans to move the over four-decade show to a new venue on the Las Vegas Strip. We at CYInterview have had many great times at Legends in Concert and hope the show reopens soon. Being Throwback Thursday, we look back at some of our favorite times with Legends in Concert.

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Chris Yandek, Frank Marino, Legends in Concert, Frank Marino Joan Rivers, Frank Marino 2020
With Las Vegas and entertainment legend Frank Marino at Legends in Concert in 2020
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With Lady Gaga impersonator Tierney Allen at Legends in Concert in 2019
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With Mariah Carey tribute artist Jass Meagher at Legends in Concert at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Trip. Her dress is from designer Katya Lipakova.