Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Legendary Wrestler Jake The Snake on Linda McMahon

We’ve been down this road before with the former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura. The ex professional wrestling bad guy shocked the world in 1998 when he became governor of the gopher state. Now former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has thrown her hat into the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut.

For many years, Jake the Snake Roberts worked for the WWE as one of the biggest stars professional wrestling has ever seen. He also worked behind the scenes helping to create storylines, with the McMahon family.

Linda McMahon’s announcement to run is no shock to Jake.

“I’ve always thought that one of the McMahon’s would [run for political office].”

Though he might be somewhat shocked that it’s Linda instead of Vince, Jake agrees that she is probably the better choice with everything she’s done over the years to promote education, voting and support the nation’s troops.

“I’m kind of surprised it’s Linda, but I think that’s probably the wisest choice because Vince being the character that he is, I think that would be harder to get where it needs to be because he has taken a few black eyes from the press and stuff over the years being up front. But behind every great man, there is a greater woman.”

Many might wonder why someone running a billion dollar entity would step down from that position to take a shot at a job in public service, opening themselves up to criticism from all sides. Jake believes Linda wants to make a difference.

“I think that Linda has gotten to a point to where she wants to make a difference in this world other than the WWE. Linda McMahon is certainly a very, very strong woman. She’s proven that the whole time. They went from a very small company to a billion dollars and pushing everything and making jobs for a lot of people. They changed the wrestling world. Hopefully she’ll be doing something positive for this country. I think that her platform is going to be I’m not a politician. I’m a business person. She damn sure is. A real great one.”

During his years working with WWE, he recalls Linda as woman who held a company together while her husband Vince McMahon was more radical.

“She was always the steady ore in the water. Or as Vince might go up and down and bounce you around and deal with you, she was the steady one. I have nothing but respect for that woman. Anybody that can put up with all the wrestlers and stuff – anybody that can deal with that and still be steady, solid and positive and not wavier has certainly got their head screwed on right. She may have thought the talent pool is a little thin in the WWE at times but wait till she gets in the Senate because she’s gonna have some people there she’s gonna have to deal with and I feel sorry for them because she’s not a loser. She’s a winner.”

Like everybody else, Jake is waiting to see proof before he makes a decision to endorse a former boss. He’s open minded to anybody taking a shot at political office as long as they keep their word on policies.

“I would have to abstain because I would want to see proof in the pudding. We may talk about wresting being phony or fake, but damn politics brother has got this country in one hell of a mess and they have been for years. And that’s why I welcome anybody that just steps in there and is not afraid to speak their mind and say what they think and do what they want and not be afraid to say hey, this is wrong.”

Based on his past experiences, he says Linda will find a way to win the seat in the U.S. Senate and make a difference in a whole new way. Jake, known as the master of psychology during his WWE days, believes the members of Congress are in for a rude awakening.

“The truth is that Linda’s going to win. Should she follow through with what she’s saying, it’s a damn good thing. I just feel sorry for the rest of the Senate members because she will take no slack. She will stand up and throw a punch just like I would. She won’t back off.”

Might she even have Hillary Clinton aspirations?

“I’m just surprised that she’s going for the senate. She should run for president. I’d vote for her.”

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