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Legal-Eagle Allred: F. Lee Bailey’s Latest O.J. Claims; Karmic Justice for the Juice

The media reports former O.J. Simpson defense attorney F. Lee Bailey sounding off about a 20,000 word write-up he did for a possible book proposal. Bailey’s document purports to present evidence buttressing the assertion that O.J. did not murder Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The 20,000 word document can be viewed in three PDF files at F. Lee’s website, here:

To talk about Bailey’s writings, we welcome back powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred to shed light on this new Simpson related event. Allred represented the Brown family during the Juice’s trials. Gloria believes Mr. Bailey is going to have a hard time changing Mr. Simpson’s public image, if that’s his motivation for the release of these PDF documents – and a possible book deal down the road.

“If his motivation is truly to clear or to improve O.J. Simpson’s reputation, I do think that that’s sad because I don’t think it’s going to change the minds of anyone or almost no one would be persuaded by this particular evidence unless they already believe that O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.”

In the document attorney Bailey crafted, he speaks of four witnesses not used during the criminal trial whom he believes could have helped get Simpson acquitted. Allred wonders why these witnesses did not testify in the civil case if they could’ve been helpful to Orenthal James’s case. Mr. Simpson lost the civil trial and was ordered to pay millions of dollars to the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, being held responsible for both their deaths.

“Would these four witnesses that F. Lee Bailey cites that were not called, that he says that the criminal defense attorneys were prepared to call, but decided not to call, would they have made any difference? Well, they most likely would not have made any difference if he thinks that would’ve helped to acquit O.J. Simpson. He was acquitted in the criminal case. So I ask why they weren’t called in the civil case? If they were so powerful in support of and in favor of Mr. Simpson, why is it that his civil trial team, his civil team that defended him in the civil case, why did they never call these four experts? I think that makes the calling of these four witnesses, I should say, rather suspect.”

Finally, legal-eagle Allred believes Mr. Simpson is where he should be. Simpson is currently serving time in a Nevada prison for kidnapping and armed robbery.

“He’s where he belongs. A lot of people feel there’s karmic justice he’s there in prison, even if it’s not for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. This is a man who apparently deserves to be there at least for the crimes he committed in Nevada and I think that his reputation is not something that I’m gonna waste any time on worrying about. He did what he did and I think most people think he deserves to be in prison at this time.”

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