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Legal Dynamo Gloria Allred: On Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, John Galliano and More

With Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson both in the media spotlight, CYInterview welcomes back powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred to gain perspective on both their situations. Ms. Allred also weighs in on former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s comments regarding Natalie Portman, as well fashion designer John Galliano’s alleged despicable remarks about Jews. On a lighter note, she also comments about turning 70 this year.

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Gloria first weighs in on Charlie Sheen.

“I think it’s just a combination of events that have occurred with Charlie Sheen. When he goes on his rants, which he’s done quite a bit recently via the Internet, what he says is often so bizarre, so disconnected and it’s just a matter of concern about whether he really has self cured his self- described addiction to drugs and cocaine or if he is sober, and he calls his place Sober Valley Lodge, then does he have serious mental health issues? These are questions that are raised by his conduct and by his words.”

Ms. Allred says Warner Bros. was well within their rights to terminate their contract with Charlie Sheen. She notes clauses in the contract she believes give them that right.

“They [Warner Bros.] feel that they have strong grounds and I think that they have winnable arguments in my opinion as to why they can terminate the contract. They talk about his escalading erratic conduct. They can’t produce the show with this kind of conduct…When you criticize your boss, I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that you’re going to continue on the job. He really criticized Chuck Lorre…They [Warner Bros.] cite specific clauses, for example, they’re the ones who have a right to publicity on the show, to talk about the show and he has no right to make derogatory statements about the show, which he’s done. To me, that’s clearly a breach and they have the right to terminate the agreement and that’s what they’re doing.”

With everything Mr. Sheen has stated, in various interviews, regarding substance abuse and other questionable behavior, could he be opening himself up to possible future legal exposure?

“Everything he says, everything he does is going to be used if it can help the Warner Bros. case if they’re sued by Charlie Sheen, which has not happened yet. [editor: New reports now say Sheen is now suing Warner Bros.] And also might used for Brooke Mueller in the custody case. For example, when he was talking, one of his rants about cutting children’s throats. I’m sure their attorney will throw that in if there is a custody battle. By the way, in terms of the Warner Bros. case, actually that’s gonna go to arbitration, not to trial because there is an arbitration clause in their contract. Actually in a sense, a trial in arbitration, but not a jury trial.”

Mel Gibson is expected to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of domestic violence on Friday, in relation to alleged domestic violence of his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of one of his children. Allred thinks Gibson would not have done well at trial and believes he was trying to avoid that.

“Obviously he wants to avoid a trial. He wants to avoid the possibility of a felony charge, possibly being convicted of a felony. I think he would have a hard time in a trial. In one of the filings, he in the family law case involving the custody and visitation issues of his little child Lucia with Oksana or through his attorney, concedes that he did hit Oksana, but alleges it was in self defense. So I think the self defense argument probably wouldn’t be bought by a jury. So I think from his point of view, it’s better off entering a plea, especially if the deal is that he’s gonna get probation, which he probably will get because it’s his first offense.”

Allred believes the result of Gibson’s domestic violence case sends the wrong message to people who might be first time domestic violence offenders.

“That’s not a good message that is being sent. Unfortunately, it does appear to be the practice though that the first time if there is no criminal history, that a defendant will get probation. I do think that sends the wrong message. I remember way back, OJ Simpson, when he pled no contest to battery of Nicole, he also did not get jail time. Ultimately, she ended up killed by him. He had gotten jail time, would that have made a difference in what happened in the future? Maybe you have something to think about. Maybe he would’ve understood the system takes it more seriously. I don’t know. Not to say that Mel Gibson will go to the extreme of ever doing anything to Oksana, but I do think there should be a strong message from the get-go.”

Switching topics, Gloria believes former Governor Mike Huckabee’s comments regarding Natalie Portman being pregnant and not married were purely political and a way to mobilize his base of supporters. He is possibly getting ready for another presidential run.

“I see that more as a way to try to mobilize his base, which is the religious right and more extreme right wing and to try to get some traction in what’s going to be a Republican primary. That’s what I see. I think that it’s purely political. Obviously, mention Natalie Portman and you’re probably going to get in the news because she’s such a well known actress.”

Attorney Allred says fashion designer Dior took the right steps in firing John Galliano after reports came out regarding his alleged hateful remarks about Jewish people.

“I think they took the right steps. Apparently they had more than one tape of him making remarks, which would be extremely offensive to the minority. There’s nothing more offensive than reminding Jews that they were murdered by Hitler, the Holocaust is just one of the great horrific tragedies…That’s the worst example of anti-Semitism taken to the extreme…It’s just way beyond the pale. I think they needed to terminate him, fire him and I’m glad they did.”

Finally, this year Gloria Allred will be turning 70. She shares with us what that means to her and hopes for the future.

“I’m gonna be 70 in July and if God would see fit to give me another 70 years, I’d be very, very grateful and I hope she does. So that I can continue the fight for equal rights, so that I can continue the battle against injustice, so I can do my part to help empower women and to assert and vindicate and win their rights and also for minorities. So we still have a long, long way to go.”

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