Las Vegas Living Legend Frank Marino Back: Talks Legendary Divas, More

For more than 30 years, female impersonator, comedian, producer and Las Vegas show business legend Frank Marino has been entertaining audiences on the Las Vegas Strip. Frank performs as a variety of characters. However, his impersonation of Joan Rivers is his signature characterization.

Frank joined up with Legends in Concert in 2019, which is the longest running show on the Las Vegas Strip. Beginning February 2nd, Frank Marino’s Divas show brand and Legends in Concert brings a new production to the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, called Legendary Divas. Aside from Mr. Marino, the show will feature female tribute artists. The lineup will consist of artists impersonating Celine Dion, Cher, Adele and Lady Gaga.

Frank Marino joined featured columnist Jay Bildstein and me, once again here on CYInterview, to give us a preview of Legendary Divas:

“The formats will be the same. I’ll come out and of course do my opening monologue as Joan Rivers. Something that will be a little different as I become the thread between the divas themselves, I’m going to come out as Las Vegas legend Frank Marino. So, I’m gonna just do the opening as Joan, but then I’m gonna be the thread part as myself and just all the crazy wigs and styles that I’m used to wearing.”

On what it is like to be a comedian in the age of cancel culture, Frank shared this:

“There’s black and white divide lines that I haven’t seen in a long time. There’s like no grey area anymore. And it seems like everybody’s fighting. It’s rich and poor and black and white and gay and straight, I mean, it’s just crazy. So as a comedian, you know, with cancel culture and stuff, I don’t want to pick a side for anything, but I see hypocrisy in the whole thing. So, I just, I just down the middle, just you know comment on things that I see that I think are just really silly and hopefully, I always say in the show, hopefully through making silly jokes about serious subjects, I can maybe open somebody’s eyes to take a look at what they’re saying or what they’re doing.”

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With Las Vegas and entertainment legend Frank Marino at Legends in Concert in 2020

Considering the polarizing times we are experiencing in America, Frank agreed with Jay’s point of view that Las Vegas can unite the country:

“Maybe that’s why I’m able to see the lighter side of it being here because maybe we’re not as crazy as the rest of the country, because we can see what you’re saying. We can see everybody wants to be entertained here and you know, go to the lighter side of the things going on. And you know, I never saw it that way, but you just opened my eyes with that statement.”

With a continuingly successful show business career, we asked Frank Marino what is on his bucket list?

“I think one thing left on my bucket list is, everybody wants a reality show, I personally would rather have like a documentary. I’d like to do a documentary. Like to do a documentary on my life showing how I ended up getting where I got, what I had to go through to get there.”

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