Las Vegas Icons, Siegfried and Roy, Auction

Throughout my life, I’ve collected memories consisting of audio recordings and photos with celebrities and prominent news figures. You have witnessed all those moments on CYInterview. I believe possessions are nice to have, but I have also learned that rare and unique things come with a price.

With CYInterview being based in Las Vegas, I have taken a deep interest in the history of the Entertainment Capital of the World. I have made it part of my life’s work to learn how the past connects the future in this great city.

Magicians Siegfried and Roy were an important part of the evolution of Las Vegas entertainment. When they arrived at The Mirage in 1990, it was the beginning of a new era for Las Vegas shows.

In May of 2020, Roy passed away. Siegfried soon followed in January of 2021. Their contributions to the Entertainment Capital of the World will never be forgotten.

In June, auction house Bonhams held an estate auction with over 400 items from Siegfried and Roy’s life that included some of their extravagant show costumes to autographed pictures that were given to them by various celebrities including one from Frank Sinatra, going for $3,570.

For me, the most interesting item in the auction was the original key to the front door of The Mirage, which was opened on November 22, 1989. The key was present to Siegfried and Roy by Steve Wynn, the resort’s visionary and principal owner. That key represents the beginning of a new era in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

I registered as a bidder for the auction and eagerly waited for lot 443. The final price for the item was $12,750. It was way out of my price range. You can see a picture of the key above and below. Many of the items in the Siegfried and Roy estate auction went for thousands of dollars.

I learned something from the auction. There are three types of people in America when it comes to estate auctions. There are the rich who can pay whatever they desire for something if they really want it. There are people who have access to money and credit, but they may not necessarily be able to afford it. Finally, there is the group who look at what is being auctioned, but cannot afford to participate.

The world of estate auctions is an absolutely exciting and interesting place. Many great items and collectibles have amazing stories and go for significant money. But for now, I think I will continue to stick to collecting memories via audio and photographs for all of you to see.