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Las Vegas Chippendales Stars Ryan Kelsey and Jayson Michael Talk to Us about Performing in the Famous Male Revue

Every night in Las Vegas, the men of Chippendales entertain crowds of screaming fans. The Chippendales franchise is well known the world over. The adult male revue is arguably one of the most popular shows in the Entertainment Capital of the World and is located at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino.

On the four separate occasions we have attended the show in the last two years, we have witnessed packed crowds and audiences who were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Though the crowd tends to be predominantly women, you will see men in attendance as well.

Aside from their great physiques, stripped down to the bare essentials, the men of Chippendales come from a variety of performance and entertainment backgrounds.

Recently, we caught up with two of the show’s performers, Ryan Kelsey and Jayson Michael, to talk about everything from how they ended up in Chippendales to the biggest misconceptions about the life of a male dancer in the show. See our photo with them above.

Talking about the misconceptions people have about a Chippendales dancer, Jayson Michael told us this:

“Biggest misconception is that we, for me I would say is that we’re all strippers. I think people come into it looking that it’s just going to be a bunch of guys taking off their clothes, but a lot of us like we’ve said are, have degrees. I have a bachelor’s in fine arts and dancing choreography. A lot of us are technically trained dancers. We come from very different arts backgrounds.”

Speaking about the biggest misconceptions about the show overall, Ryan Kelsey offered this:

“The biggest misconception about the show is that guys aren’t allowed in. It’s never been a rule we’ve had. It’s never been a thing. I know some other male revues have had that, but we always, doors open to everyone and welcoming to everyone and now more than ever we love to see, you know, a great mixed audience. … That’s something that I’d like to see shifted about the perception of our show.”

For more with the guys from Chippendales, you can listen to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Chippendales CYInterview:

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You can find more information and purchase tickets to see Chippendales at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino by clicking here.