Hasim Rahman Jr., Hasmin Rahman Jr. Las Vegas 2022

Las Vegas Based Hasim Rahman Jr. Prepares for Jake Paul

This week, boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. held a media workout at DLX Boxing in Las Vegas for his upcoming bout with YouTube star Jake Paul. The fight will take place on August 6th at Madison Square Garden

Hasim’s father, former two-time heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, was in attendance for the training session.

Speaking of the upcoming fight with Jake Paul, Hasmim Rahman said this:

“There’s nothing Jake Paul does that concerns me. I’m just super confident going into this fight. I feel like this guy is not at my level. He made a mistake picking me.”

On training and living in Las Vegas, Mr. Rahman said this:

“Being in Vegas is amazing. My family and I came here because of boxing and we’ve been training for what could be the biggest fight of the year. It’s on me now and I have Vegas on my back. I have a lot of support and this is my home. I love it here. There’s not a better place to be and then to go from here to the mecca of boxing next week is just a beautiful thing. It’s poetry in motion.”

The fight between Hasim Rahman and Jake Paul will take place on August 6th on Showtime PPV at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

Photo credit: Al Powers/Showtime

Las Vegas, NV: July 26, 2022; Hasim Rahman Jr media workout at DLX Boxing Gym in Las Vegas NV, ahead of his August 6th bout against Jake Paul. Photo: Al Powers for Showtime Boxing.