Ladinian Tomlinson

For the last four decades NFL Hall of Famer Lenny Moore has held the record at 18 games for most consecutive games with having at least one touchdown. Forty years later San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson is tied with Lenny Moore. He has the opportunity to pass Lenny Moore by scoring a touchdown this weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles in week 7 of the NFL season. LaDainian participated in a national media conference call interview to talk about the record and many other topics. I had the opportunity to ask him a few things.

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Chris Yandek: Are you shocked people are already saying you are a shoe in to win the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and we have only played six weeks of football?

Ladinian Tomlinson: “Yeah. I kinda think it is too early to really start talking about the MVP. We still got ten games to go. You want to continue well beyond six games. Yeah it’s a little bit early.”

CY: We know that you are a star running back, but when did the team decide to start making you practice throwing the football as accurately as you have with your two touchdown passes this 2005 season?

LT: “Through the years they have always seen me coming. I guess throw the football a little bit. Even in practice I just sometimes threw it. Coach Cameron is the type of person that likes to explore anything. He’s the right kind of offensive coordinator to have in that situation. He likes to try things like that. For awhile I have been practicing throwing the football. I have always had a pretty good arm that can throw the football. It’s worked perfectly.”

CY: How much has Marty Schottenheimer helped you become better as a player and what’s it like playing for him overall?

LT: “I think the biggest thing that Marty has helped me with is preparing for a football game. It’s one thing to have physical ability, but it’s another thing to prepare for it to help you have that extra edge. That’s one thing that Marty taught me is just basically how to prepare for football games. I have enjoyed playing for him. It’s been an awesome four years.”

CY: Do you think winning the AFC West last year in 2004 has given you more motivation since this team now knows it can make the playoffs every year and beat any team?

LT: “Every year is a different year. You can’t be really motivated off winning the AFC West last year. The teams are much different. Denver is a much better team. Kansas City is playing better football. You really can’t go off last year. It’s like the New England Patriots and how they look at everything. They don’t even look at themselves as the champions because it’s a new year. I think we are just motivated on the schedule we have. It’s a tough schedule. We want to prove to people that it doesn’t matter if we have a tough schedule or not that we are a good football team and we are going to win games.”

CY: Finally, were you frustrated for the first couple games of this 2005 season since you weren’t being used as much in the San Diego Chargers lineup?

LT: “No. I really wasn’t. I just felt like it was only two games. It’s a long season. I knew I was going to get my share of touches and have the chance to make plays. I really wasn’t frustrated at all.”