Ladies and Gentlemen!: Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbook Manager John Avello and Former Professional Fighter/Current Boxing Trainer Booby Rooney Talk Mayweather/Maidana II

It was back in May of this year that undefeated WBC champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and rough and tumble Marcos Maidana of Argentina shared a boxing ring for a 12 round matchup that was ultimately decided by the judges, in Mayweather’s favor.

This coming Saturday evening, the duo are back for another go round in the squared circle. Helping analyze various aspects of the fight, we have Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager and CYInterview regular John Avello providing a Vegas-eye gambling analysis of the fistic festivities. Then, former professional boxer, now boxing trainer, Bobby Rooney – a walking treasure trove of boxing insight and knowledge – gets in-depth about the fight in a discussion with columnist Jay Bildstein.

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Breaking down what to expect from a Vegas perspective for Saturday’s rematch between Mayweather and Maidana, Wynn sportsbook manager John Avello tells us this:

“Well, the last time these two fought was on Cinco De Mayo. And I could tell you there was a lot of action on Maidana for that fight. You know, the line went down from about 10-7 to about 6-4 I think, 6-450 at closing. What that means is Mayweather was a 10 to 1 favorite, dropped all the way down to a 6 to 1 favorite or 1 to 6. There was a lot of Maidana money that night and I expect more Maidana money for this fight also, but maybe not as much because it’s not a holiday weekend and a different crowd will be in for this one.”

Speaking about the crowds who watch these fights in Las Vegas today, the veteran Vegas Strip oddsmaker says there are still people who like to bet big money on the boxing matches:

“It’s not as big as it use to be in the old days, when I say old days, probably in the 90s. You know, late 80s, 90s. But it’s still a good crowd and there’s still a lot of guys that like to bet a lot of money on the fights. It’s not unusual for somebody to come in and put, you know, $700,000 to win $100,000 on Mayweather. So, you know, I expect maybe a couple of those type of bets for this fight.”

Focusing on the fight itself, former professional boxer/current boxing trainer Bobby Rooney, lends his ring analysis for the rematch between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Marcos Maidana:

“I think Floyd is not necessarily keeping the fight in the center of the ring, but he’s gonna have to stay off the ropes. Every time his back hits the ropes he’s gonna have to turn, go back out, use the whole ring, he’s gonna have to box more. I think that Maidana is gonna try to do just what he did in the first fight. He’s gonna try to ,you know, he’s gonna try to commit a mugging, he’s gonna try to back him up, you know, land those big shots against the ropes, very rough. I don’t want to use the word dirty, but, you know, somewhat dirty, you know, punches to the back of the head, the sides, you know, things like this. … It’s gonna be as competitive, if not more competitive I believe.”

As far as Mr. Rooney’s prediction for the rematch in Las Vegas this Saturday night, the boxing trainer is going with Floyd Mayweather Jr., to remain undefeated:

“I don’t think he’s [Floyd Mayweather] gonna put him away. I believe that he [Mayweather] will win a unanimous decision. I’ll go 116-112, somewhere around there and 8 to 4 [Mayweather wins 8 of the 12 rounds].”

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